Albion Road Traffic Study Start-up Survey

The City of Ottawa is conducting a traffic study, focussing on Albion Road, from Lester Road to Bank Street. The goal is to address traffic concerns and recommend solutions to mitigate negative traffic impacts.  The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather feedback related to traffic safety concerns in the community. It contains seven (7) questions and will take approximately 5 minutes. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Do you live in Blossom Park, Emerald Woods, or Sawmill Creek - specifically the area bounded by Lester Road, Hunt Club Road, Bank Street and the Airport Parkway? (Required)
Do you use Albion Road between Bank Street and Lester Road? (Required)
In your opinion, what are the main existing traffic issues on Albion Road? (Choose all that apply):
Have the above issues become worse over the past few years?
If you answered yes to the above, why do you believe that traffic conditions are worse? (Choose all that apply):
Do you have any other concerns related to traffic along Albion Road between Bank Street and Lester Road? If yes, please describe the location and nature of your concerns:
Please provide us with any other comments you have regarding this study:
Name (Optional):
Address (optional):
Email Address (optional):
Would you like to receive project specific updates?
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